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The End of This Blog and the Birth of Directing My Steps

Because of the fact that only those that follow this blog are seeing the new posts, I have this day began a new blog entitled Directing My Steps which will continue where this blog left off, that being articles and posts concerning being a Christian in this crazy world.  If you are a follower of Take No Thought, I hope that you will come to Directing My Steps through the “Christian” tag in the Reader and follow me there..  thank you..   I am not posting the link because what I thought should be http:// shows up as https:// so I am confused..




Are You Seeing this Post in the Reader?

Just throwing this question out into WordPress land..  Yesterday I made two posts and didn’t see either of them in the Reader although I did see them in the “following” tag..  specifically wondering about the “Christian” and “Christianity” tags..    If you do see this post in the Reader could you please let me know in the comment section?  If I’m not reaching the Reader that would be not good.  Thank you.


editing to add that I just checked the Reader and can’t see this post either  😦

I guess I’m just not meant for blogs.

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