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Children at Risk: Calming Down Through Mindfulness

The following is from Lighthouse Trails Ministries, on the dangers of meditation techniques entering into schools and churches..   very scary for those with eyes to see this danger:

LTRP Note: The following out-of-house news story reiterates what Lighthouse Trails has been trying to warn about. More and more public schools are implementing “mindfulness” meditation techniques into the lives of their students. Ray Yungen provides this explanation of what mindfulness is:

In recent years, a type of meditation known as mindfulness has made a surprising showing. Based on current trends, it has the potential to eclipse even Yoga in popularity. You will now find it everywhere that people are seeking therapeutic approaches to ailments or disorders. True to its Buddhist roots, mindfulness involves focusing on the breath to stop the normal flow of thought. In effect, it acts the same way as a mantra; and as with Yoga, it is presented as something to cure society’s ills.

While this particular article is talking about a public school, make no mistake about it, mindfulness meditation has entered the church…

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Mystical Spiritual Formation vs Biblical Spiritual Transformation

Romans 12:1-2 “I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service.  And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.”

There is a teaching going on among many churches  these days that is very dangerous, and this is called “Spiritual Formation”.  This teaching has penetrated a local bible camp that has been supported for years by the church my husband and I attended for 4 years.  Spiritual Formation is the reason why my husband and I had no choice but to leave the church because when he found out about this teaching he brought it to the attention of the elders at our church and the head elder will not address it nor get involved, choosing rather to let things be at the bible camp the way they are now.  Very sad for the children who attend.  Formerly they received sound bible teaching, but now they are being taught something different. 

What is Spiritual Formation?  I had never heard of it before.   Here is part of an article from  Got Questions that explains it:

 The spiritual formation movement is very popular today. It is, however, in many ways a move away from the truth of God’s Word to a mystical form of Christianity, and it has infiltrated, to some degree, nearly all evangelical denominations. This idea of spiritual formation is based on the premise that if we do certain practices, we can be more like Jesus. Proponents of spiritual formation erroneously teach that anyone can practice these mystical rituals and find God within themselves.

Too often, adherents of the current spiritual formation movement believe the spiritual disciplines transform the seeker by his or her entering an altered realm of consciousness. The spiritual formation movement is characterized by such things as contemplative prayer, contemplative spirituality, and Christian mysticism.

True biblical spiritual formation, or spiritual transformation, begins with the understanding that we are sinners living apart from God. Our faculties have been corrupted by sin so that we cannot please God. True spiritual transformation occurs as we yield ourselves to God so that He may transform us by the guidance and power of the Holy Spirit. At least half of every New Testament epistle is geared toward how to live a life well pleasing to God—by obedience and submission to the Holy Spirit in all things. Scripture does not only call us the redeemed, saved, saints, sheep, soldiers, and servants, but teaches us that only through the power of the Spirit we can live up to what the names mean.

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School Replacing Detention with Yoga

This is worth being aware of if you have children in school..

Baltimore’s Robert W. Coleman Elementary School is taking advantage of unknowledgeable or inattentive parents, to instruct vulnerable children in the practices of meditation and Yoga. Instead of sending unruly children to detention, they are sending them to the “Mindful Room”. There they are taught breathing exercises, meditation, and Yoga.

“Misbehaving kids are encouraged to sit in the room and go through practices like breathing or meditation, helping them calm down and re-center.” – This school replaced detention with meditation. The results are stunning, James Gaines, 9/22/2016, Upworthy (online)

link to Lighthouse Trails Research for article:

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