And So Here I Am Again..

When will I ever learn?  I am just not meant for a photo blog.  This morning I deleted another one called Capturing Moments in Daily Life for no other reason but that it just wasn’t working.  But this one, Take No Thought for Tomorrow, is still here as though waiting for me to come back and focus on what is really does my being a Christian show in my daily life?  Surely the Lord knows that much better than I do.  So here I am again, and hope that the things that happen daily have some purpose on a spiritual level.

I do love to watch the birds, and love tending to my new garden, but these things will soon pass away and what will my life on this earth matter where eternity is concerned?  I hope it matters for something, and really, it is cathartic for me to write about the sometimes crazy things that happen in this otherwise simple life.

It’s a happy  day for me when I check the stats on my children’s bible stories blog and find out that on Saturday, the day before Sunday School, some people still come to that blog even though it is old school, based on the King James and just simple stories with simple coloring pages and simple crafts.

So these are the musings of my mind, I do have some things to share but all in good time.  And for those who followed me a long time ago, I hope that you will do so again.  Now it is time for me to look for a new theme for this fresh start.



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