Going Back to Basics..

Today I am going back to basics, in my case basics are that I am a Christian, saved by grace through faith in what the Lord Jesus has done for me, in shedding of his precious blood and paying the  penalty for my sin.  Through his death, burial and resurrection, I have the hope that when my last breath is over, I shall be with him..

For the last few months I have been focusing on a photo blog called Living on Vancouver Island.  I do love photography but as it always did before, having a photo blog meant looking for new things every day or else resorting to posting old photos which I hated to do. And then, as it usually happens when I am focusing on things other than the Lord, changes occurred which made it impossible for me to go out to photograph every day.  Illness in the form of the flu bug entered our home and my husband has been down with it for almost 2 weeks.  Although his temperature has normalized, he is left with a bad cough and as of today, I am coughing as well.  Hoping that this is not the start of the viral bronchitis that I am prone to.  In any event, I have decided to give up my photo blog and go back to my Christian basics.  The name of the blog is Take No Thought for Tomorrow and so I will be focusing on daily life as a Christian.  In particular how do I/should I react regarding family, things around me, things in the news..

Always I am “looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our (believers) faith..”

If there should be a particularly beautiful sunrise, or other beauty of God’s creation, and if I have my camera handy, I shall post the occasional photograph here but it will be to uplift the Creator, and not to focus on my photography.

I hope that you will follow my new direction.


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2 thoughts on “Going Back to Basics..

  1. peggyjoan42 January 24, 2017 at 2:17 pm Reply

    One cannot fail when they dedicate their time to God.

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