Called to Share the Gospel

I have written in a previous post that my husband and I have left the church we were attending due to emergent practices.  It has been very difficult on my husband and recently, desiring to share the gospel, he ordered 250 Gospel of John booklets and began to distribute them to people who are in need, and who stand on medians at traffic lights.  We made up a little bag of a Gospel of John, an energy bar and a $1.00 coin (called Loonie in Canada).  Since these people who are begging appear to have little, it seemed a good idea to give them something to eat as well as “feeding” them the gospel which is, of course, the most important thing.  We hope that they spend the money on more food, as we hope that they do not toss the Gospel of John book aside but read it and become convicted of their need for the Saviour.

As usual though, when you step forth in serving the Lord to spread his word, that old devil seeks to devour and this came in the form of a man whom my husband knew through this man’s occasional attendance at a morning prayer breakfast held every Saturday at the church we used to attend.  As we were driving towards a stop light, my husband saw this man standing on the median..again.  Previously he had given this man a bag with the Gospel of John, the energy bar and a $1.00 coin.  We saw that the man had been drinking, so husband just said hello, addressed him by name, and asked him how he was doing.  To which the man replied aggressively  “I know you are mocking me, get the “F” out of here”.

I can tell you that was a great shock.  And not long after that, to compound the situation, my husband came down with the flu and has been laid up for almost 2 weeks, thus preventing him from handing out any more gospel booklets in that time.

But he and I have hope that he will soon recover, and that he will be back out distributing the gospel books.


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2 thoughts on “Called to Share the Gospel

  1. peggyjoan42 January 24, 2017 at 2:14 pm Reply

    I do hope your husband is well soon. That was a very bad encounter with the man you knew. Sad to have to deal with that. Hope you can get back to passing out those bags again soon.

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    • Vicki January 24, 2017 at 2:40 pm Reply

      Peggy thank you for commenting on this post.. yes, my husband was in shock over his reaction. I know that as soon as he recovers from the flu he will be passing them out again.

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