Stand Still and See

This is a beautiful poem. I’ve carried it around with me for at least 16 years, having read the biography of missionaries John and Betty Stam. I hope that it is not a copyright infringement to post it on this blog, if it is let me know and I will remove it.


a Poem by Betty Stam, martyred with her husband in China, December 8, 1934.

I’m standing, Lord
There is a mist that blinds my sight.
Sharp jagged rocks, front, left, and right.
Hover, dim, gigantic in the night.
Where is the way?

I’m standing, Lord.
The black rock hems me in behind
Above my head a moaning wind
Chills and oppresses heart and mind.
I am afraid!

I’m standing, Lord.
The rock is hard beneath my feet.
I nearly slipped Lord on the sleet.
So weary, Lord and where a seat?
Still must I stand?

He answered me, and on His face
A look ineffable of grace,
Of perfect, understanding love,
Which all my murmuring did remove.

I’m standing, Lord.
Since Thou hast spoken, Lord I see
Thou hast beset; these rocks are Thee;
And since Thy love encloses me,
I stand and sing.


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