A Rather Trying Day..

Take no Thought for Tomorrow, that is the name of this blog..  according to Matthew 6:34 “Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself.  Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.”  Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof, yes this day can be very trying, and it is.

Since yesterday and until Wednesday, my son and his family are vacationing and as has been the custom for the past 16 years, I go to their house to feed one of their cats and clean the litter box. (different cats over the 16 years)  The other cat, thankfully, is in a kennel.  The cat left home has wanted to live outside since she was little more than a kitten.  A wild child if ever there was one.  But now she is 7 and is mellowing somewhat.  My son has a 1/2 acre property so there is lots of wooded area for this cat to hunt in and she is very proficient, sad to say for all the birds. When family is away, she is used to me feeding her so that is not a problem, but today I discovered that there was no dry food in the cupboard, just what was in her bowl, and certainly that is not enough to keep her going for the three more days until my son and family get back.  So off to the store to buy dry cat food but I wasn’t sure what kind she eats, so I bought something that might be right and hopefully she will adjust to it OK.  But there is a bigger problem,  she went into the litter box when we were there and cried painfully when she tried to pee.  I wonder how long this has been going on, and whether my son or daughter-in-law know about that since she is outside most of the time.  If she were my cat I would take her to the vet thinking she has a blockage or a bladder infection, but the vets are closed tomorrow, Monday, for Thanksgiving.  Since my son and his family will be back be back on Wednesday, I have decided to write my daughter-in-law and tell her that I think that the cat is sick.   I am feeling very guilty about this but I know my son will not be pleased if I take her to the vet without them knowing.

And so I must heed the admonition of the verse I am using for the blog, (paraphrasing mine) Take no thought for tomorrow… there is enough for today to be concerned about.



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